VARENA-TPT has experience in sales, marketing and the distribution of specialty chemicals and food ingredients, actively serving the German chemical industry.

VARENA CHEMICAL is a global company in the intermediates, coating, adhesives, inks and composite and solid surface resins, thermoset compounds, gel-coats and niche specialties and specialty additives for coatings and inks.

VARENA CHEMICAL is known for its superior quality and impressive range of products and with its excellent distribution network it can provide first-class service to customers whatever their market. Customer Service and Technical Service teams are renowned for their customer focus, offering the best service even after products have left manufacturing.

The group strives to keep customers satisfied, assisting them in producing premium quality products every time they use its products.

Product innovation is important for the group’s business and it’s the reason for which it constantly works with customers to find solutions to problems.  Introducing new or improved products ensures that VARENA CHEMICAL continue  not only to deliver what the market wants and needs, but also when it is wanted and needed. 

Our team of experienced technical sales specialists passionately strives for a second to none service to guarantee rapid successes for both our principals and customers alike.

Principals working with VARENA-TPT can expect maximum flexibility and devotion to grow their business from providing a fully centralised international set-up to a more intimate local approach depending on the specific requirements.

Our customers benefit from tailor-made solutions from our comprehensive and complementary product portfolio. Understanding and fulfilling your needs from supply chain to technical support is paramount for our dedicated sales teams.

Protection and decoration: These are the two main functions of can coatings. These coatings must meet very strict requirements, especially with regard to their protective function.

It is impossible to imagine our everyday life without the tin can. To prevent any interaction between the metal and the contents, an interior coating is essential. It is impossible to imagine our everyday life without it and it can be found in every supermarket: the tin can – indestructible container for food of all kinds. The can owes its entry into almost every household shelf in the world to none other than Napoleon Bonaparte.

To prevent any interaction between the metal wall and the actual contents of the can, an inner coating of the cans is essential. This must be particularly efficient and be characterised by high elasticity and resistance. This means that even if the can is dented, the food inside remains well protected. For years, epoxy resin-based products have established themselves as the industry standard. However, these have been the subject of public debate for some time due to their harmful raw material base bisphenol-A (BPA).

This is where VARANOVA and its CAN COATING division come into play: With VARAPOL HM high molecular polyester and VARADUR blocated polyisocyanates, we have developed a crosslinker that enables polyurethane-based interior can coatings.

BPA-NI-, thanks to our innovation we can!

“A good example is our work in developing tailor-made BPA-NI products that meet the increasingly stringent regulations for metal applications. Our new polyester range, designed for food contact, is able to replace epoxy products with BPA.

Our products are used in gold, clear and white internals for all types of cans and closures. Many developments are linked to various regulatory issues. For example, there is an increasing requirement to remove materials such as naphthalene and tin.

New Generation of coatings for the internal protection of food 3 piece cans and ends.

BPA-NI-, thanks to our innovation we can!

Dr. Alireza Irankhahi

Managing Director

Polyester for the interior coating of cans with excellent protective properties !